The value of GDPR

Till Büttner

10:20 - 10:55

Discover the tangible benefits of GDPR. Explore how GDPR ensures reliable data, empowers analytics, and enables valuable targeted marketing. Learn how GDPR builds trust, enhances customer relationships, and fosters data ethics. Join me to unlock the potential of GDPR in your data-driven strategies.

Till Büttner

Director Web AnalyticsDHL

As a Director Web Analytics within the Digital Customer Interaction Department at DHL, Till is responsible for helping stakeholders to make better decisions by using digital data. From conceptualising web analytics to training stakeholders and advanced analysis, Till and his team provide analytical expertise for DHL. Among other things, this includes measuring all of and other DHL touchpoints, analytics implementations, A/B testing and reporting. With over 15 years of experience in IT environment and digital marketing space, Till has developed an intuition in transforming data into storylines. After studying media management and communication design, Till worked for different digital agencies and blue chip companies as an UX designer and digital analyst.