About the DDMA

Digital Analytics Summit

Who are we?

The Digital Analytics Summit is the knowledge and networking event of the year in the field of digital analytics in the Netherlands. National and international top speakers will be discussing the latest developments in technology, privacy, organisation and culture. Next to exhilarating keynotes and workshop, visitors can count on meeting other analytics fanatics involved involved in the various aspects of collecting digital data, tooling, processing, privacy, reporting and dashboarding. After two years of Covid, this first edition provides the ultimate possibility to physically meet each other again and to dive into the depths the field has to offer.

What is our mission?

Digital Analytics is a field that forms the base for insights for and optimization of various digital channels and platforms, such as websites and apps. With the Summit, the DDMA Digital Analytics Committee aims to help specialists and managers in the field of data, analytics and digital marketing to acquire up-to-date knowledge about the optimal collection, processing, analysis and reporting of digital data from online platforms. And of course, the tools, techniques and regulations that come into play by doing this.

About DDMA

DDMA is the largest association for data-driven marketing, sales and service. We are a network of advertisers, non-profits, publishers, agencies and tech suppliers that use data in an innovative and responsible way to interact with consumers. With knowledge and advice, we help our members to work in a data-driven and customer-focused way, to develop a vision on data use and to deal with legal changes. We also give our members a voice in The Hague and Brussels and we professionalise the sector by developing self-regulation.

The people behind the DDMA Digital Analytics Summit

The DDMA Digital Analytics Summit is an initiative of DDMA and the DDMA Committee Digital Analytics. This team consists of: