The Beauty of Self-Service

Yael Farkas

14:25 - 15:00

Discover the captivating journey of how Europe’s leading omnichannel beauty destination embraced self-service and turbocharged operations. Join Yael, Head of Digital Intelligence at Parfümerie Douglas, as she shares insights into leveraging digital analytics for operational excellence.

In this session, Yael will share a blueprint for initiating your own data-driven evolution, offering practical insights into tactics that power this transformation. Whether you’re a seasoned analytics pro or a beginner, you’ll gain the knowledge and inspiration to embark on your own transformative path.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to foster stakeholder engagement and cultivate a self-service environment.
  • Discover strategies to provoke data-oriented inquiries and empower decision-making.
  • Acquire actionable tips for kickstarting and maintaining your own data-driven operational evolution.

Join Yael to unlock the potential of digital analytics’ potential  in reshaping industries through data-powered transformation.

Yael Farkas

Head of Digital IntelligenceDouglas

Yael Farkas is an expert in digital intelligence with a background in business administration, specialized in media management, marketing, and economic psychology. Having started in the EU-funded Citizen Media project, Yael is now the Head of Digital Intelligence at Parfümerie Douglas. Over the last decade in the field, she has worked on and led various analyses and projects around topics like omnichannel-, app- & mobile analytics, as well as marketing analytics like attribution and MMM and data strategy. She’s renowned for establishing a successful group-wide analytics self-service and speaking at conferences about data-driven insights. Yael’s passion lies in creating value from data, reflecting her ongoing commitment to shaping the digital landscape.

At the upcoming conference, Yael will delve into the success story of the group-wide self-service initiative, offering a blueprint for data-driven transformation.