Out of the frying pan into the fire – state of data analytics in 2024 and beyond

Simo Ahava

09:25 - 10:10

2024 has been a turbulent year in data and analytics. The hegemony of Google Analytics is crumbling, consent management has generated immeasurable wealth to consultants, third party cookies are going away, and sensitivity towards privacy and personal rights is on the rise. In this talk, Simo looks at the precarious path of the data and analytics industry, and he gives his own unique twist into the potential solutions that emerge from the chaos.

Simo Ahava


Simo Ahava is a recognized expert on customizing web analytics and tag management solutions to improve the entire “life cycle” of data collection, processing, and reporting. His main areas of expertise lie with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, and Google has appointed him as a Google Developer Expert in these fields. He is especially interested in communication structures within organizations, as he firmly believes that communication breakdowns are the underlying cause to practically all data-related problems.

Simo is particularly invested in demystifying analytics development work, and his main focus is on increasing awareness, skills, and critical thinking around data and development.

Simo is a partner and co-founder at 8-bit-sheep, a digital services boutique. He’s also co-founder (together with Mari Ahava) of Simmer, an online learning platform for technical marketers.

Among other things, Simo writes a popular blog on all things Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager development at www.simoahava.com. An experienced speaker and prolific blogger, Simo can be seen and heard in conferences, product forums, support communities, and developer meet-ups alike.