Looker Studio advanced tactics for wide activities and various outcomes with data

Mehdi Oudjida

14:25 - 15:00

As a free self-service data viz tool, Looker Studio has become the companion of a lot of data analysts and digital marketers. Thanks to its accessibility & multifaceted features, it could help for very different analytics activities. It is not just about dashboarding or interactive reports.
Mehdi will describe how Looker Studio can be the tool to make unsuspected data tasks, the related advanced tactics & the welcomed operational benefits in a world of constant data rush.

Mehdi Oudjida

Digital Analytics ConsultantWISSI Analytics (Freelance)

Mehdi is an independent consultant in digital analytics for more than 13 years in Lyon (France). He helps advertisers and agencies to design, implement and take advantage of custom analytics solutions.
Before creating his own business activities, he worked 11 years as project manager for a digital agency, an IT services company & an e-commerce advertiser.
He is passionate about data visualization and shares regularly blog posts (how.withlookerstudio.com) of advanced solutions on his favorite tool: Google Looker Studio – ex Data Studio. He is active on LinkedIn, Twitter and #measure Slack to discuss and share about data & analytics.