It’s time to ditch the client-side tag manager

Michel Bieze

10:20 - 10:55

Tag Management solutions have been around since the 90s and strongly grew in popularity since the introduction of Google Tag Manager in 2012. These solutions came with the promise that they would make our digital analytics implementations easier and that now tags could be managed by marketeers without the help of developers. But it is time to revisit the role of the client-side tag manager. At Shell Recharge we completely redesigned our digital analytics architecture and solution from scratch. We derived at the conclusion that if we could start all over, which we could, that our landscape would be better without a browser-side tag manager. In this talk I share the pros and cons of a client side tag manager and share the (technical) approach you take when you would like to abandon it.

Michel Bieze

Senior Digital AnalystShell Recharge

Michel helps organizations to optimize their online sales, marketing and service activities by generating (insights from) website usage and marketing performance data. He is passionate about technical web analytics and online data engineering, which focusses on collecting reliable and compliant user behavior data from websites and apps. Besides that, Michel is experienced with business enablement, ensuring that business users and data science teams can work with, and actually use, the collected data and tools.