Ticket Sales for the Digital Analytics Summit 2024 has Started

04 April 2024

DDMA is proud to announce the launch of ticket sales for the third edition of the DDMA Digital Analytics Summit, scheduled for October 10, 2024, at B. Amsterdam. Positioned as the premier event in the Netherlands for knowledge sharing and networking in the field of digital analytics, the summit will feature both national and international experts who will provide insights into the latest technological advancements, privacy considerations, organizational strategies, and cultural influences. Early-bird tickets, offering nearly a 20% discount, are now available for purchase through

During the Digital Analytics Summit, the speakers will delve into three main themes. Firstly, they will explore the technical aspects, covering topics such as GA4, BigQuery, and server-side measurement. Secondly, they will address privacy-related concerns, which are increasingly pertinent in today’s legal landscape and heightened consumer consciousness. Finally, speakers will offer inspiration regarding organizational structures and cultural dynamics, for instance, giving insights into building effective data teams.

The first Confirmed Speakers

The organizing team is currently curating an impressive lineup of speakers, with the first few already confirmed. Notable figures including Simo Ahava (Simmer) en Lea Pica (Story-Driven Data by Lea Pica), Anna Lewis (Polk Dot Data), Naomi Smulders (Funda) and Yiğit Yazgı (Just Eat are set to go on stage on October 10. Stay tuned for further speaker announcements in the coming months.

About the DDMA Digital Analytics Summit

The Digital Analytics Summit is an initiative led by DDMA and the DDMA Digital Analytics Committee. This committee views digital analytics as fundamental to understanding and optimizing various digital channels and platforms, such as websites and apps. Through the summit, the committee aims to equip professionals in data, analysis, and digital marketing with the knowledge necessary for optimal data collection, processing, analysis, and reporting, along with insights into relevant tools, techniques, and regulations.

About DDMA

DDMA is the largest trade association for data-driven marketing, sales, and service. We are a network of advertisers, non-profit organizations, publishers, agencies, and technology providers who harness data in an innovative and responsible manner to engage with consumers. Our mission is to provide knowledge and guidance to our members, enabling them to work in a data-driven and customer-centric manner, develop robust data strategies, and navigate legal changes. Additionally, we advocate for our members’ interests in both national and international contexts, while driving industry professionalism through self-regulation. For more information, please visit