Ticket Sales for the Digital Analytics Summit 2023 Now Open

DDMA is hosting the second edition of the Digital Analytics Summit on October 12, 2023, at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. This premier event in the field of digital analytics in the Netherlands brings together top speakers, both national and international, who will provide valuable insights into the latest developments in technology, privacy, organization, and culture. Early-bird tickets offering nearly 20% discount are now available for purchase at digitalanalyticssummit.nl.

The Digital Analytics Summit will feature distinguished speakers who will address three key themes. Firstly, the technical aspect, covering topics such as GA4, BigQuery, and server-side measurement. Secondly, there will be discussions on privacy-related subjects, which are increasingly important in the current legal landscape and growing consumer awareness. Lastly, the speakers will offer inspiration on organizational and cultural aspects, including insights on how to assemble an effective data team.

Confirmed Speakers

The organizing team is diligently curating an impressive lineup of speakers. We are pleased to announce the participation of renowned professionals such as Derek Ooi (LeasePlan Digital), Mehdi Oudjida (WISSI Analytics), and Till Buettner (DHL) on October 12. Stay tuned for more exciting speaker announcements coming soon.

About the DDMA Digital Analytics Summit

The Digital Analytics Summit is an initiative by DDMA and the DDMA Digital Analytics Committee. This committee recognizes digital analytics as a fundamental discipline for gaining insights and optimizing various digital channels and platforms, including websites and apps. Through the summit, the committee aims to educate specialists in data, analytics, and digital marketing, equipping them with knowledge on effective data collection, processing, analysis, and reporting, as well as the tools, techniques, and regulations involved.

About DDMA

DDMA is the largest trade association for data-driven marketing, sales, and service. We are a network of advertisers, non-profit organizations, publishers, agencies, and technology providers who harness data in an innovative and responsible manner to engage with consumers. Our mission is to provide knowledge and guidance to our members, enabling them to work in a data-driven and customer-centric manner, develop robust data strategies, and navigate legal changes. Additionally, we advocate for our members’ interests in both national and international contexts, while driving industry professionalism through self-regulation. For more information, please visit ddma.nl.

DDMA organises the Digital Analytics Summit: a brand new conference all about digital analytics

DDMA is organising a brand new conference on 13 October 2022 in B. Amsterdam: the Digital Analytics Summit. This is THE knowledge and network event in the field of digital analytics in the Netherlands where (inter)national top speakers inform you about the latest developments in technology, privacy, organisation and culture. Tickets are on sale as of today with a 20% early bird discount at: digitalanalyticssummit.nl/tickets

The first speakers are already known. Melody Barlage (Adyen), Steen Rasmussen (IIH Nordic), Simo Ahava (8-bit-sheep) and Emma Gordon will be taking the stage on 13 October. More speaker announcements will follow soon.

The Digital Analytics Summit is an initiative of DDMA’s newest committee: the DDMA Committee Digital Analytics. The Committee views digital analytics as the field that forms the base for gathering insights and achieving optimisation of various digital channels and platforms, such as websites and apps. With the Summit, the Committee wants to educate specialists in the field of data, analytics and digital marketing with knowledge about the optimal collection, processing, analysis and reporting of data, as well as the tools, techniques and regulations involved.

The Committee currently consists of: Frans Appels (Netprofiler), Martijn van Warmoeskerken (Dienst Publiek en Communicatie), Marloes Been (T-Mobile), Twan Lammers (ABN AMRO Bank) and Martijn van Vreeden (Freelance Digital Analyst).

Diana Janssen, director DDMA: “Data from digital analytics is crucial for your online marketing strategy and optimisation processes. As the industry association for data & marketing, we realise this all too well. Moreover, it is a field in which a lot is happening right now, due to technological and legal changes. The mission and promise of the new Digital Analytics Committee and the Digital Analytics Summit therefore seamlessly fit with our goal of further professionalizing the data-driven marketing sector and preparing it for the future.”

About DDMA 

DDMA is the largest association for data-driven marketing, sales and service. We are a network of advertisers, non-profits, publishers, agencies and tech suppliers that use data in an innovative and responsible way to interact with consumers. With knowledge and advice, we help our members to work in a data-driven and customer-focused way, to develop a vision on data use and to deal with legal changes. We also give our members a voice in The Hague and Brussels and we professionalise the sector by developing self-regulation.