Yael Farkas

Yael Farkas is an expert in digital intelligence with a background in business administration, specialized in media management, marketing, and economic psychology. Having started in the EU-funded Citizen Media project, Yael is now the Head of Digital Intelligence at Parfümerie Douglas. Over the last decade in the field, she has worked on and led various analyses and projects around topics like omnichannel-, app- & mobile analytics, as well as marketing analytics like attribution and MMM and data strategy. She’s renowned for establishing a successful group-wide analytics self-service and speaking at conferences about data-driven insights. Yael’s passion lies in creating value from data, reflecting her ongoing commitment to shaping the digital landscape.

At the upcoming conference, Yael will delve into the success story of the group-wide self-service initiative, offering a blueprint for data-driven transformation.

Michel Bieze

Michel helps organizations to optimize their online sales, marketing and service activities by generating (insights from) website usage and marketing performance data. He is passionate about technical web analytics and online data engineering, which focusses on collecting reliable and compliant user behavior data from websites and apps. Besides that, Michel is experienced with business enablement, ensuring that business users and data science teams can work with, and actually use, the collected data and tools.

Ibrahim Elawadi

Ibrahim Elawadi is a Data Advocate, Public Speaker, and Global Director of Digital Analytics at Philips with over two decades of experience in Digital. He has a master’s degree in marketing, bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering, and is currently studying Astronomy. In his free time, he loves taking pictures of the stars.

Tim Wilson

Tim Wilson has been working with digital data full-time since 2001 in a variety of roles, both in-house and as an external consultant: from managing a digital analytics platform migration and developing analytics processes as the head of the business intelligence department at a US$500 million high tech B2B company; to creating and growing the analytics practices at three different agencies that worked with a range of large consumer brands; to consulting with the analytics teams at Fortune 500 companies on the their strategies, processes, and tactics for effectively putting their digital data to actionable use. He co-founded the bi-weekly Analytics Power Hour podcast (analyticshour.io) in 2015 and has continued as a co-host ever since. Tim is physically based in Columbus, Ohio, in the U.S., while his heart and soul maintain joint custody with Austin, Texas.