Judith Ram

Judith Ram started her career as a web analyst at MoneYou – ABN AMRO. However, after two years, she transitioned to the agency side, where she has stayed ever since. As a technical web analyst at Netprofiler she focused on various aspects of the digital data setup, including tag management, analytics, and CDP implementations. Her role involved translating business requirements into technical user stories and ensuring that clients always had the correct data quality to work with.

After some time, Cloud Nine Digital emerged as a spin-off from Netprofiler, bringing together a community of technical data enthusiasts. Today, Cloud Nine Digital boasts a team of over 20 consultants, with Judith heading up the team as the Director of Operations. In this capacity, she takes responsibility for profit and loss, oversees data projects for multiple enterprise level organizations simultaneously, and ensures the satisfaction of both consultants and clients. Judith enthusiastically states: “I cherish my work as a consultant because every day presents a unique challenge, especially in our rapidly evolving industry. Each data puzzle our clients face is an opportunity for me to contribute with my expertise and make a meaningful impact.”