Measuring the Measurer – Attributing Success to Digital Analytics Teams

Emma Gordon

11:15 - 11:50

Digital Analytics Teams are growing in size and complexity, advancing their composition to adapt to new technologies and requirements. Digital Analytics as a craft is growing and branching into specializations that require a flexible working model and frequent budget updates. Growth in Digital Analytics teams depends on their structure, scalability, and ability to define their ROI to the business. Retaining that team growth as healthy and sustainable is in fostering a culture of Digital Analytics as a craft in growing teams/tribes, and propelling forward excellence in Decision Science for the business.

Join Emma for a session discussing how you can ensure the continued sustainability, scalability and adaptability of your Digital Analytics teams by creating processes that clarify your teams ROI, making those stakeholder and budget requests a little bit easier, and how to foster a culture of craft in your Digital Analytics teams.

Emma Gordon

Digital Data, Technical & Analytics Expert