Keynote: Maximize your use of Google Analytics 4

Krista Seiden

13:40 - 14:15

Maybe you’ve been running Google Analytics 4, aka GA4, alongside Universal Analytics for a while now. Or maybe you haven’t even started. Well, now is the time, because on July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics is going away! In this session, Krista will walk you through the ins and outs of GA4 and show you some cool new things to help you get ready for the switch and maximize your use of Google Analytics.

Krista Seiden

KS Digital - Founder & Principal Consultant

Krista Seiden is the Principal Digital Analytics Consultant & Chief Instructor with KS Digital, an analytics consultancy she founded in 2019, helping businesses make the most of their investments in digital marketing and analytics. Previously, Krista was VP, Product Marketing & Growth at Quantcast. Prior to that, she was at Google for nearly 7 years, where she led Product Management efforts across the Google Marketing Platform and served as the external evangelist for the Google Analytics suite of products. Krista is a keynote speaker, practitioner, writer on Analytics and Optimization, and passionate supporter of #WomenInAnalytics. You can follow her blog at and on twitter @kristaseiden, or reach out to KS Digital at