Implementing server-side tracking (GTM Server) on a global scale

Alejandro Zielinsky

15:10 - 15:35

At Hellofresh we take our data collection very seriously.

We have been using server side tagging through GTM server since mid-2021 and this has helped us achieve more control over our tracking in our platform, present in over 17 countries, 25 websites and 8 apps.

Which problems did it help us solve?, how did it streamline our tagging implementation? and how it is helping us to comply with an increasing need for user privacy? especially with recent EU regulation.

All of this using Google Cloud Platform, our own custom templates in both GTM client and server and no additional or external libraries/scripts.

We want to share with you the technical solution that helped us achieve this so it can work as a template for others.

Alejandro Zielinsky

Global Digital Tracking/Measurement Lead - Hellofresh