Keynote: Data mining from a bomb shelter in Ukraine

Alex Lebedev

16:00 - 16:45

When we analyze data, we usually stick to things we can’t touch – e-commerce, user behavior, marketing, or something like that. But what if the data could literally define your way of living?

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Alex and his family spent a lot of their time in bomb shelters. Being a software engineer at heart, Alex decided to try to find a solution using data to make their life easier.

In this unique talk, Alex will take you through his experience of using data extracted from public channels to gather information on the various attacks, bombings, and their timings. He then used this data to build a schedule for himself and his family to remain safe.

During this talk, Alex will show you the data he collected since February 25th and how it affected the lives of his family. Also, he’ll overview all of the regions, what’s happening in Ukraine, and the price Ukrainians pay for this war.

Alex Lebedev

Software Engineer - Hotjar