Breakout session:’s custom analytics solution

Bart Eijk & Leon Wilbrink

10:20 - 10:55

At we make sure that each page you see is custom-tailored to your personal shopping needs. This means we need to know exactly what customers are looking at and how they are interacting with our website and app. How do we track all these interactions? How do we capture it in real-time? How do we make it usable for a variety of users and back-end systems?

In this talk we present our custom analytics solution. We decided to build an in-house analytics platform, while most of the company was still using an existing off-the-shelf solution. Nowadays, our system powers a range of use cases, from real-time personalization to fraud detection.

We will explain all about our in-house analytics platform, the challenges we are facing and how we use the data for various analyses.

Bart Eijk

Software Engineer -

Leon Wilbrink

Data Analyst -